Meet a greeter, leave as friends…

A greeter is an inhabitant with passion for its quarter, its city, its area, who will share his/her knowledge, will answer your questions, will help you in your visits organization and will point at the most essential things to see. Your greeter is not a guide or lecturer, maybe he lacks some of their knowledge. But the greeter lives in area you’ll visit with him, he knows about its pulsations and beats: that’s what you’ll be shown.

balade avec un Greeter

Walking with a Greeter

Our walks are not programmed or planned in advance, they are all unique and prepared for you depending on your wishes.

balades avec les Greeters de France

Greeters in France

French organizations welcome you in their diversity with a common platform for the best quality reply to your request.

Greeters walk all over the world

Greeters In the World

Worlwide organizations , have a common approach and they respect core values maintained by the “Global Greeter Network”.

Marque France Greeters