Discover amazing places with Greeters ?

Discover amazing places with your local friend. Greeters are volunteers with a passion for theit city or region, who warmly welcome visitors from around the world as they would do with their friends. They offer freely their time to discover spots they like, to talk their stories and share their daily life.
Étonnement de visiteurs
A Greeter is not a professional guide. Come alone or with up to six people and discover good plans during a walk or a discussion around a glass! Whatever is the type of meeting, the essential point is meeting each other.

Tourism is often seen as a vector for mutual understanding and peace among people. Greeters think that this can be true only when there is a true exchange between visitors and locals. Touristic visits should not limit itself to a simple consumption act.

What is “Greeter” history?

In 1992, Lynn Brooks had the idea to erase the negative image of the frightfull and sprawling New-York of that time. She wanted to show the New-York she loved. With her friends complicity , she then proposed to tourists, some unusual walks organized by locals in their “Big Apple” environment. The first Greeter organization was born.
After more than 20 years, “Greeter” has become an international trade mark.

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