Véronique L., “Amiens comme Amie” association manager, was seduced by the concept of greeters after discovering and experimenting it in Tours and Bordeaux. She decided in June, with the advice of the France Greeters Federation, to launch her association. Véronique used her network and contacts to “recruit” a team of ten volunteers willing to welcome, as friends, visiting visitors.
Olivier Durand, director of the Tourist Office of Amiens, is satisfied with the approach: “There is room for all to facilitate access to certain places for tourists including economic places including shops. The city is multiple and the greeters are the prescribers, the ambassadors.
Why Patrick B. has embarked on the adventure? He tells it himself: “A native of Amiens and living there for 15 years, I heard many anecdotes about this city and this Picardy region full of stories. My professional activities led me to live 2 years in Canada and to move in many countries. The welcome we received from our family gave us a better understanding of their history, habits and customs. After a few months of retirement, I decided to become a volunteer, become a Greeter and become the ambassador of our beautiful city of Amiens to let our visitors know about the treasures of this city. beautiful city full of history “.
Emmanuelle D. has another story and other expectations: “I was born in the small town of Albert, a few years ago, in the Country of the Poppy, in the heart of the Battlefields of the 1st World War . I first discovered Amiens with my parents, then rediscovered it during my studies and saw it evolve over time. She has taken colors literally and figuratively and has become a city that is worth seeing and gaining to be known. To become greedy to Amiens is for me a new adventure that I wish rich in exchanges and meetings. The neighborhood I know best and the city center is for me the heart of the city. I am delighted to be part of the Amiens team as Amie who already exchanges a lot and in which I will not be bored. ”
We encourage you on the occasion of a visit by Amiens to contact the Greeters and register for a ride. You will meet passionate people who know their city and know how to share it.

Véronique L.

As a kid, I did not dare to say that I lived in Amiens. The city was gray, sad, “stuck” between Lille and Paris, at 19:00 shops were all closed … there was no more entertainment. But since 15 years that I welcome tourists from around the world in bed and breakfast, then in lodging, I discovered, thanks to them, the wealth of our city and our region. Our visitors are always delighted with their stay in the Somme, and do not imagine that there are so many beautiful things to see! I thought that our city deserved its Greeters Antenna. It is in place with the association “Amiens as Friend” and the dozen Greeters who embarked on the adventure on November 10th, 2017.

A few “nuggets” from Amiens …

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