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Christmas in Provence: from Greeters to the santon fair

Creating a crib is an important part of Christmas family life in Provence, where santons are passed on from father to son.   Clément, Greeter, 28 years old, has more than a hundred of them alone, which were given to him year after year by his grandfather ! Noël en...

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These Memory Sharers Greeters

History, before it was learned in school or written in books, was lived by the inhabitants. This memory is sometimes still alive and the encounter with a Greeter can, if you take the time, reveal it. These greeters are personally invested because their village or...

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A friendly moment between greeters of Nancy

To be a greeter is above all to love people, to welcome them, to share and also to find each other. On October 6, Nancy Tourisme, as a pilot of the Nancy greeters network, gathered its volunteers to share a beautiful morning with them. A way to keep the network alive...

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