Greeters France network

French networks, i.e. organizations, that operates groups of Greeters, have one of the following structures: a Non-profit Association, a city or a regional tourism office.

The “french Greeters federation” (Fédération France Greeters or FFG) is a french non profit organization (Association loi 1901), following the work originated by the « Global Greeter Network » (GGN). It’s aim is to federate operational french Greeters networks that stick to GGN core values and FFG charter. Among the federation missions:

  • Identify, help and trigger french Greeters organizations during their construction and help them to get the GGN Label.
  • Look for and insure developpment of common strategies, projects, communication plans and management tools.
  • Represent french Greeters networks at national and international level.
  • Contribute to participative tourism promotion and sustainable developpment.

FFG daily work is based on contribution, open participation of our members and exchange of knowledge and experiences. The federation decision body is the “General assembly” (AG) that group all members. Management and coordination is insured by a Board (Comité de pilotage) elected for 3 years by the AG, among federation members. The Board is made of 6 members that elect a “président” and a “trésorier”.

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