The Greeters are proud to have taken an active part in the 500th anniversary of the City of Le Havre.

On this occasion, an important device of festivities dubbed “A Summer in Le Havre” has been widely shared by all local economic, commercial and tourist actors, giving important visibility to the largest and youngest city in Normandy (founded in 1517 by King Francis the first).
Le Havre has benefited from unprecedented national and international media coverage, making it one of the top 10 sites to visit in Europe. Thanks to this important communication and to a very eclectic programming, the tourist attendance has been in very strong increase, with, effect, many additional bookings of walks with Havrais Greeters .
Initially carried by 12 members, the network took advantage of this exceptional and dense year to recruit new enthusiasts. Now 15 in number, Le Havre greeters are delighted with the perpetuation of “A Summer in Le Havre” for the 2018 season with the prospect of a festive and popular opening on June 23, the installation of one or two works in the urban field and therefore more walks with Greeters! Our guestbook is full of positive comments about the city of Le Havre and the warmth of the people with these greeters : join us for even more happiness shared in 2018!

Patrice L.

I have always been proud of my city but, since its recognition in the World Heritage of Unesco in 2015, I am delighted to walk in the city with tourists but, above all, happy to share with them this love of my city. All leave wanting to come back and make Greeters known to all their friends.

A few “nuggets” from Le Havre …

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