Greeters : Welcome and volunteer sharing in France

” Greeter ! Giving meaning to your journey ”

This is how one could sum up the international Greeters movement – a free meeting / walk between a volunteer inhabitant and a visitor.

” France is the country in the world with the most Greeters volunteers! “»

Today, the concept with New York origins is definitely anchored in the French tourism landscape by becoming the first destination in the world in number of Greeters, 1 800 in total! Who can say that the French don’t know how to welcome?! A whole symbol, at a time when in certain tourist destinations is emerging a bowl of local populations facing the very large number of visitors on their territory at the most “fast” time of the year.

Why an International Greeters Day?

It is on September 10th that Greeters around the world and in France organize “their day” #InternationalGreeterDay, the anniversary of the founder Lynn Brooks who in 1992, imagined the concept.

How to enjoy a free ride with a Greeters?

The Greeters are mobilizing to organize walks open to all, and why not make others want to join the movement!
Enjoy, the event will extend from
8 to 16 September 2018.

The rest of the year, hundreds of Greeters volunteers mobilize to share their passions and their territory. To reserve your welcome and free walk or even join a team of passionate inhabitants in a region of France, go on Greeters Web Sites !

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Photos / Credit: – Fédération France Greeters (Member of the Global Greeter Network)

Lynn Brooks

Testimony – Lynn Brooks, founded the Greeters in New York in 1992. – Duration: 1:59 minutes


In 1992, Lynn Brooks wanted to erase the negative image of New York, a frightening and sprawling city, even for Americans at that time.
She wanted to make her city known as she loved it. With the complicity of her network of friends, she then proposed to tourists, unusual walks organized in the districts of the “Big Apple” by inhabitants. The first Greeters organization was born.

Totally voluntary organisations have spread all over the world. This pioneering movement in participatory tourism continues its progression while preserving its philosophy and its humanist values of sharing and welcoming.



The Greeters in pictures…

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